Dusting off old blogs and old campaigns

So, I’m back after a three  month life hiatus. Still running three campaigns when schedules align and we are able to play. But my World of Darkness campaign is entering the home stretch and it’s time to think seriously about what’s next for this (my oldest) game group. 

A few months back we had a productive online discussion about what people preferred to play and what we might do after WoD. Most of us agreed that we preferred long-form campaigns that allow for character and plot development, perhaps with occasional breaks to do shorter (2-ish session) games. One logical choice would be returning to the D&D 3.5 Eberron campaign that we left off a couple of years ago.

This is/was a largely homebrewed campaign, though I used published modules for the early levels. I’m both excited and daunted by the prospect of resuming it — which will mean figuring out the details of the next chapter of the story, fleshing out NPCs, etc. The part that makes it especially daunting is that I can’t locate electronic copies of my old notes, session summaries, etc. I have a couple other places I can look, but I think migration to newer computers, websites for managing my gaming stuff, etc. has resulted in their loss. 

If I’m right I’m going to try to look at this as an opportunity to not be too constrained by the past. It’s a game after all, not a novel; breaches of continuity are not the end of the world, particularly when this much time has passed in real life. Wish me luck.

Have you had the experience of resurrecting an old campaign with limited documentation? How did you handle it?


4 thoughts on “Dusting off old blogs and old campaigns

  1. Well, I have a pretty good memory for events (if not people’s names) since Xen ‘Drik. So I’m happy to help fill in gaps. But, maybe who cares? As you say it’s a game, not a job. Let’s keep it fun. Consider this, after Senex departs, and since Scott has bowed out and Tiph with him, there won’t be any even remotely “original quest” characters.

    So you really have a pretty good sandbox to get a game growing in Eberron, with a clutch of new characters dang near freewheeling in Kaarnath as all hell breaks loose. Alexander likely has a need for vengeance on the Emerald Claw for the death of Evangeline, but he also has grieving to do, maybe family to inform. The road home may be long and fraught with peril itself. This new group is in good with the king of Kaarnath, so you could have a good step off point there.

    I guess what I’m saying is, if recalling the storyline, and bringing those villainous threads together for the next chapter is bringing you headaches instead of brainstorms, leave it alone. Have fun with the new conglomeration of characters, the new intrigue of a sinister nation ousting an even darker religion from its belly, and a bunch of Emerald Claw that were just recently and locally foiled by a bunch of jackass pcs (their opinion, not mine). Give us some hell, maybe we’ll spark a new idea in your head as we blunder through an unexpected turn in the story. Let’s keep it fresh! We’re with you dude, and I’m confident that we’ll all find a way to have fun.

  2. Also, way to get me thinking about Eberron again! Oh, to get back in the mix with the seven nations and myriad other factions! Also, my favored enemy miniature will become relevant again.

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