Recreating non-D&D characters in D&D 3.5

One of the reasons I love being the game master is that I get to (have to) create more than one character per game (well, to be fair, so do most of my players, mwah ha ha). But anyway, character creation is one of my favorite parts of the 3.5 system. I’ll literally pass the time creating characters I have no plans to use.

A few years back I had some fun seeing how close to “right” I could get characters from other genre’s (Tarzan, Superman, etc.) in 3.5.  This past week my lovely wife and favorite player was talking about one of her favorite movie characters, Blade the vampire hunter. So naturally I wanted to see how badass of a Blade I could make as a D&D character.

My initial attempt is attached. I used Eberron, specifically Karnath, as the setting. If you know the setting well, it may mean something if I say I see this version of Blade as King Kaius’ bastard.

Let me know what you think. Feedback is more than welcome.

Have any of you tried to create an iconic non-D&D character in D&D? How did it turn out?

Blade, Vampire Hunter of Karnath


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